Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Riche$ Ahead

I know, you are just waiting and wanting to hear more about the new apartment. Well I can say that is coming together quite nicely. We are pretty much almost functional and homey, which is just great.

I realized on Sunday, that I really am in love with the apartment. Even with every ant, every never ending toilet flush, every dirty corner and shelf, every paint chip and every cobweb. There is just something special I have decided about the place. I realized it after I went to look at a potential place with a friend of mine just a block over. First, so happy I am done looking at places. I don't think I can stand another smelly, dirty apartment, with interesting tenets--human and others. I also love my street. Walking over there and seeing not pretty houses, and more interesting people (including a far from tasteful call "how you doin' tall girl--tall girl, how you doin'?"). Yeah, it happened. I'm excited. This place helps me feel like I am where I am supposed to be, even when life gives you some lemons--I'm in the search to make some lemonade--maybe lemon-cello.

I also attribute my new love to actually having people around, aka, roommates. It was a quiet month in a big, nearly furniture less apartment with no connection to the world except to ants.

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