Monday, August 15, 2011

Flat Tires and New Curtains

It has been nearly a week since I have spent the night in the apartment. I've kind of missed the cleaning aspects and the beauty. But I am pretty excited that the bruise on my knee is pretty much gone away. I probably won't clean floors after work this time, but I bet I can still do it later this week. I need to let my knee heal some more!

My time outside of the apartment included an exciting training in Lansing for my job. It was great to see all the peeps I met while at my orientation in Portland, OR. I even got to experience the bucket of beer available in East Lansing at a Karoke bar. Yes, it is literally a bucket that you get a pitcher to dunk in. We were careful not to let the drips out of the bucket though, we are living on a budget and every drop is super important. This is another one of those things Lydia was talking about in her blog post-- now that we are no longer RAs, there is a whole world out there for us to explore! Who's excited now?!?

Okay, so the fun stuff. My birthday was this weekend so I headed home from Lansing to my parents house in Shelby. Though it is always exciting to visit the Twip, I found myself heading out towards Marine City to visit a friend who is leaving for school at Notre Dame this week. Yes, he too is excited for what life means outside of Res Life, we are super excited for him! Nonetheless my merry little drive out 26 mile turned treacherous as I swerved, lost control, took Lucy (my car) on a 360 degree turn backwards into a ditch facing the opposite direction than what I was traveling. Luckily, no cars were close to me so no one was hit. I am pretty sure that this weekend could also have been categorized by whip-lash because my body has just felt off the entire weekend. Well, good Samaritans stopped to help me, one couple and a man with his son. The couple got out and made sure I was okay, while the man offered to try driving it out of the ditch. I was only half way in. His efforts were successful and I ended up on my way home. Never ended up visiting my friend, but all is well. The event ended up with a flat tire that we didn't realize until Sunday night. Lucy just really wanted to give me a birthday present. I am not sure if the tire was the cause or the result of the incident. Since it was Sunday Belle Tire was closed and that left me spending the rest of the night in the Twip. Hey, I guess this wasn't the worse birthday ever (signal memories of falling off bikes, pretty much broken nose, power outages-- on two occasions, oh and the fun little lice outbreak last year--I didn't have lice, others did, so it still counts). Oh wait, I didn't mention how my sister messed up my birthday cake this year. Apparently the first time I decide to have a cake that isn't my typical ice cream cake (it's been a tradition for at least 7 years). Cook and Serve pudding was prepared like instant and that just doesn't go well. Oh well, the tire just gets added to the list. Got that fixed this morning and drove to Grand Rapids after.

So apartment related things. New Curtains. The part of my birthday that did not revolve around my tire included sewing curtains. I definitely missed sewing. I have never done anything real extravagant, but the thought and planning to do it mixes technical and practical so nicely. My Mom helped by making some curtains for my bedroom. This is in hopes to partially cover up those nasty dirty blinds (we are realizing some potential here people!!). The second set I made. I decided that I wanted something for the bathroom. They are a black and white to coordinate with the black and white wall paper. I'm pretty excited. I'll post pictures once I am actually back at the apartment.

What is great about these curtains is that the fabric for the first set, the ones my Mom made was just around $4 total, and the fabric for the ones in the bathroom was just around $5. I say that probably 2 hours total were put into making the curtains. This is just such a quick and easy way to add personal touches to your windows. I'm thinking that we need something in the kitchen as well. I am pretty excited to go fabric hunting for these windows. We have four windows there, but how they are set up might allow me to make two wide sets and use a longer spring tension rod.We are pretty lucky that any windows have them ready and waiting for curtains, otherwise they are between $2-4 each. Great investment pieces, they are easy to travel with, don't require you to make holes in the wall and vary in length. For renters like us this is great. Plus, if the curtains don't match future rooms, maybe we can make pillows out of them (thanks sales lady, we [my mom and I] do have some experience in this, duh!)

Life is all about the finer things (including a new tire), and for me that includes taking the time to sew some inexpensive, fresh curtains :)

Kudos to anyone who made it this far. A pretty long post

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