Monday, August 8, 2011

Moved to Paris!

If only that was true...well I guess it kind of is. Lydia and I decided to start a blog about the venture that is life after college. Specifically our lives moving into a rental apartment that has a lot of potential (see the title--Lydia is brilliant!). Potential comes in many ways. I mean there is potential that a 4-year old grows up to be an astronaut. Just like there is potential I might have pizza for dinner tonight. Potential for this apartment requires a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of love. Love is not priceless. We'll be talking with the landlord soon.

Potential for the Kitchen: bleach floor, sink, clean cupboards, light fixtures, let's not talk about that fridge right now.

Potential for the Secret Garden: not get bit by fleas from rodents, discover the identity of the boat, clean up the table, maybe trim some bushes, figure out where the Christmas lights get plugged in, have a Secret Garden Party with cosmos and martinis or at least something secret garden themed.

Potential for the Bathroom: cleaning the walls beyond what can be reached including the ceiling, stop the faucet from dripping--(I might measure to discover how much water is wasted from this first), fix the peeling up wallpaper.

Potential for Bedrooms: Lydia and Dani will need to post regarding there own, personal needs.

Potential for Family Room: Furniture. While I really loved sitting on the floor on my rug drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade, this is not a preference of mine...huge area for potential.

Potential....we've all got it, what's yours??

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