Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Running all day!

Well, friends, my work load is a little light right now so I am doing a quick post. My fingers are rich with caffeine (cashed in on Birthday Biggby this morning, since I couldn't sleep last night!!) and I am ready to type. Lost a battle with the toilet today. It ran all night, and I left the house with it going strong. It's training for a triathlon, currently only the running portion and not the biking or the swimming.  Lydia moves in officially, yay for roomies! We now even have internet! That cable guy was a character, luckily, James was there to protect me, lol. Ryan helped get the wireless set up via remote connection from AZ, love having a brother so capable of helping with those things :) And the thunderstorm caused some light flickering, but we (being me) all survived--even if I am a little sleep deprived. Can we say poet? Bet ya I didn't know it!

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