Monday, August 22, 2011

Toilet Attack

This year marks the first year in the past 19 that I did not start school. Yes, I went to 3 year-old preschool so it has been a long haul for me. At least that meant I was ready to start Kindergarten, good thing since I was forgotten about on the first day of school (Shout out to my Mom, a loyal blog follower!). No big deal, it not like it scared me for life or anything--I stuck it out for the next 18.  Nineteen years is along time to do anything and the way the job market looks these days I might never be in a job that long again, but who knows.

Alright so this toilet in my bathroom has gotten on my nerves. After you flush it just runs and runs and runs. It might even just start running on its own. There have been a few times when I got it to stop before work, yet I come home and it's still going. I have figured out a trick and it requires that I jiggle the handle once it stops actively flushing and I don't know what happens but it eventually stops, there is a huge sense of pride in that moment. Okay, so this morning I worked my magic--getting the toilet to stop that is--but then, a hissing sound started quiet but then grew to like a screech! It then abruptly stopped. I nearly dropped the hair curler out of my hand as I jumped in fear! The toilet was preparing to attack me! Then the hissing sound began again, I turned to the toilet and adjusted the handle, thankfully the noise was no more and I could continue curling my hair in peace.

I've decided that this post is hitting the social media waves and is going to be posted to Facebook, time to get some followers out there! To those of you just tuning in, this blog is a blog about the year after college/undergrad. The story of three girls rockin' it out in a pretty cool apartment, with a lot of potential (see the first post for some background info on "Potential"). As we discover what life is like not being an RA (for 2 of us at least), what it means to be a student in a masters program (for one), what it means to be a 5th year student (for one) and in general the adventure of renting an apartment in a cool historic neighborhood with toilets that attack and a secret garden where rodent fleas might get us too. Life is grand, isn't it?!

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