Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Opening Pandora's Box

Day Two at the House for myself was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I made it through orientation on little to no sleep. I was boosted through it by a cup of coffee and pride in the scrubbing party that took place the night before.

Returning to the house I only had to choose between four keys to enter rather than what felt to be a jailer's set (compliments of being an RA). Standing in the living room I paused and reveled in the moment, realizing the place was ours for the next year.....Back to reality-time to tackle the porch!

Who wouldn't want to sit out on the porch swing and take in the late summer air, talking with friends or reading a text book? So my paradise may not be yours, but regardless, the porch needed to be relieved of the spring leaves she had acquired. I thought, I'll grab a broom, sweep up all the leaves and put them in the Secret Garden. After assessing the piles there was probably more trash than leaves so they were going to be bagged up and put in the trash. This is when I unleashed a hornet's nest from the depths of the porch and proceeded to scamper back in the house. After discussing the need for a spray and putting it on the list for the landlord to survey, my friend and I decided it was time for sangria.

After a beautiful afternoon by Reed's Lake, I wiped down the counters, and attempted to clean some rather sticky spots above the kitchen sink. After an unsuccessful scrub down with lysol and hot water and a return to the drawing board I'll either go for the all time stand-by bleach and a scouring pad.

Stay tuned for more as this house goes from cleaning rags to being rich with good memories.

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