Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lifetime Supply of.....

COASTERS! Who's excited now. That's right, the apartment on Paris has coasters galore. This apartment has so many gifts that just keep on giving. Like the fact that Internet is relatively easy to get set up on your own, except for when the cable wiring in the house is bad. Or how you can loose your whole pasta meal right down the garbage disposal as you are trying to drain your noodles. Ooh, or that I might have identified the owner of the boat outside and that the garage is actually pretty clean now that who seems to be the landlords son came and cleaned it. Perhaps we won't get bit by a rodent flea. Sound like a fun Tuesday night to you? The icing on the cake was my new discovery. I finally got around to cleaning the drawers in my cabinets only to find two boxes of flooring samples. Yes, little  2X3 samples of different types of rugs or carpets. They will make perfect coasters and are made of natural materials, like sea grass. They are an architecture set, so I'm also slowly learning more about the previous people who lived there.

I'm telling you, this apartment is a GEM, a diamond in the rough for sure.

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