Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Surprises!

Goal: Short and Sweet.

I was pretty excited to return to Paris last night, I just love the beauty of the skyline and looking out my window to see the Eiffel Tower and the sunrise. Bull, if only that was the case. Lydia was around over the weekend, hence the new surprises. WE HAVE FURNITURE!!! No more Mike's Hard Lemonade sitting on my rug on the floor. No, we are in the big league now. Couches, chairs plus the ottoman! Even some curtains.

I have also discovered shelf liner, budget style. The Target dollar section will sometimes have wrapping paper that is about half the width of regular. While still too wide on the shelves, it is just about the same size as the shelf liner sold. I was able to cover a lot with that one roll...3 large drawers, 3 more narrow drawers, and about 7 shelves. All the sizes varied, and I didn't put liner all the way to the back in some of the drawers, the width of the paper covered the whole section besides about 3 inches. The paper is black with white flowers on it, so it coordinates with the floor :)

I think I found some fabric for the kitchen curtains. It's on sale for $2.50 a yard, and if my measurements are correct, the curtains for the 4 windows should be around $10--besides rods which will add another $10 or so. I have many options for colors...thoughts on yellow or red?? Remember, the kitchen has black and white tile floor and brown cupboards.


  1. Red curtains. I think that yellow curtains might blend too much with your brown cabinets.

  2. True, but this would be bright!!

  3. Update on kitchen curtains! Fabric has been purchased. I went with red :) Mainly because the yellow was all gone. It is a white background with a red damask pattern on it. Now to just get home to sew my curtains, and I will be all set.