Saturday, February 18, 2012

In the past month

Well friends, it has been awhile, but know that all are alive and well here on Paris. The house still has all it's walls and dust bunnies as usual (well we do sweep pretty often, but they love us so much they just keep coming back!)

One new thing we have learned is that both Lydia and I can not blow dry our hair at the same time because that will blow a fuse. It happened twice last Sunday. The basement is a creepy as ever and we both nearly died in the attempt to get down there. We are having door handle issues again for the front door. It really needs a new screw, there are no threads left on it. I don't plan to call Stu because he will probably ask some dumb question about whether or not I still have the door handle...seriously, who does he think we are?!

Christmas is finally over here, just took down the last of the decor today. We are optimistic about what we might decorate next. We still could use something on the mantel, under Audrey, but it can't look too much like a shrine to her. Yes, we do love to watch her movies (just watched Roman Holiday last night). The snow last week allowed us to meet the sorority girls next door, the one I spoke with seemed pretty nice. Turns out there are 7 people who live in that house, which is well over the 4 un-related people rule for GR. She said that they are being investigated because of it. It's funny because all of those years working with Res Life, we told people about the rule and what not and I never heard of anyone getting in trouble because of it. Someone on Paris must not be a big fan of those ladies.

Today has been pretty productive, with the taking down of Christmas decorations, I made a bird feeder out of a toilet paper tube and peanut butter. Even already made dinner for tonight (new recipe here!). I was pretty excited because I had nearly everything for it and just improvised a little. Also, I did have one casualty in the process. The vegetable peeler sliced my finger. Luckily I still have some pretty nifty Christmas themed band-aids, so the Gingerbread men will keep my finger safe. Next on the list will be to go to mass tonight and probably just hang out. What have you been up to today? Any new recipes you would like to share? Perhaps my goal for Lent will be to keep this up more, only time will tell.

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