Friday, January 13, 2012

Thanks Snow!

I try not to get to sentimental and feel that people need to read why I am thankful or about the good things I do. But today is a bit different, and I feel like today is a great opportunity for the first post of the New Year (obviously, keeping up on the blog was not my resolution). Today really is the first legitimate snow fall of Winter 2011-2012 in Grand Rapids and it was had its planning so that arriving at work would be prompt--I was in at 7:59! (This was only successful because I was up at 6:20 to clean off my car/shovel) Paris looks absolutely beautiful with snow on the trees and electrical wires with our cute street lamps, it's almost Narnia-esq.

I am thankful that I could go outside and clean the car off, but then come back inside to warm up. I am thankful for the hot coffee that accompanied my commute.
I am thankful that work is only 5 minutes away, and about 12 in the snow.
I am thankful that traffic circles are not too bad to drive through in the snow.
I like to appreciate the little things in life, like driving to work while the snow falls so pretty and the silence of the car (Thank you automatic antenna for being frozen down for only static this morning and not having cassettes for my cassette player).
Thank you weather man who looks like Stu for prepping us for the snow.
Thank you Paris for being a street without the dumb odd-even parking rule so we won't have to move our cars to the other side of the street  at 1 am. Or get home at 5, then go switch to the other side at 6. Also, thank you news channel for explaining this to me 5 times in about 1/2 an hour last night.
Thank you "hooker boots" for letting me wear you to work and not while looking for work.

Finally, thank you to those who support and care for the homeless and disadvantaged. Today as I drove in I went  my typical path up Division and where I witness the true poverty of the population in our community. For many, they were able to stay at one of the many missions, but still others sit in the cold outside, or in the cold inside struggling to pay for heat. As so many struggle to find work and adequate housing it is such a blessing to live in Paris, with all of its beautiful quirks.

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