Sunday, February 26, 2012

Light Bulb Curse

Apparently this blog really helps to vent about the shenanigans of this house. Currently we have been under a light bulb curse for about the past month. It has not been fun. I am not so sure if it is the house who is under this curse, or just me.

Once upon a time (well, really a month ago) the first bulb died. It was in the bathroom. It wasn't too horrible, but I didn't have any on hand. Luckily, I picked up a 5 pack at Meijer, because the bulbs just kept on burning. Then it was the light over the sink. That one was about two weeks ago and ended in nearly loosing the screw for the fixture down the garbage disposal. It happened while I was playing IT support professional regarding mail merges. Dani's light in her closet. Then, one of the lights over the kitchen table died. Then, come Wednesday morning, I was confused. While I went to turn on the ugly light over the counter, it wouldn't turn on. Then, I went to the fridge to get my peanut butter, and the light in there was also dead. I scratched my head because this was right after the two weekends of power issues. So I inquired with Lydia is she had electricity in her bathroom and she did. No! Two more lights were out!!!!! While changing the ugly light, the light bulb I tried there didn't work. Odd. Tried another light bulb, thank god for this multi-pack, and it did work. However, that same one that didn't work in the kitchen worked fine in the lights in the living room.

So the fridge. To me, this seems like a landlord issue, anyone else?? Well, I think Stu screened his calls and didn't answer. Luckily, mass went on forever and a day yesterday, and I pulled into the parking space right as he was walking his dog. HA! He was cornered. I inquired about the light, assuming that it took a special light bulb only for a "Well, you can change it, any light bulb will work, but probably not those newer ones." I pointed out to him that those "newer ones" have gas in them and that wouldn't make sense for them to work in a fridge. Seems to me that the cold air would slow them down. I wasn't happy, guess I need to go buy a new light bulb. Ugh, well let me tell you all, I was right, he was wrong. As my Dad said, Stuy Dewy is an idiot. Decided to shop local, went to the Ace Hardware, bought the correct light bulb for $3. Also stopped at Target where they had the bulb for $1.29. Well, now I had two light bulbs. I figured if we wanted to deduct the bulb from the rent, I would charge him for $3, or if we just wanted to split the cost, it would be for the $1.29. Tried the cheap one, it didn't work. Tried the pricey one, it also didn't work. So we still don't have a light bulb for this horrible fridge. However, I did switch it up, and took the working freezer bulb for the fridge, since we use the fridge much more often.

Also, after arriving home from purchasing these bulbs, guess what bulb was out. My rear turn signal. Off to Autozone! At least they change the bulb for you. Thank you worker at Autozone for being more kind regarding the $3.50 I paid for the light bulb compared to the landlord who gets several times that amount for rent each month. Ugh, this is going to be a long week, and it is only Sunday. And I still don't have a working light bulb

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