Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Broken Door Handle!

Well friends, September has come and gone, and so has summer. While I am looking forward to seeing the street as all the leaves change, I am dreading the four letter s word. On the note of S words, the toilet has been doing sooo well these days! And I didn't have to replace the floater ball, or the flusher or anything! It's like magic/ I shortened the chain on the flapper valve. It's like a whole new world. Well, it would be better for the sink to stop dripping, slowly but surely.

This week has had is characteristic breaks to it. Like the door knob on the front door. Thank you to Dani who came home last Friday after having pulled off the handle. I called the landlord Saturday and was asked, "Well you still have the handle, right?" YES, of course I have the handle, what do you think I'd do with it? Chuck it at your house? Try to catch a squirrel? Maybe throw it through my windshield?While it is a cool antique, and I could use it to make a cool hanging shelf out of it, I would much rather be able to open my door. Geez.

Additionally, we have been operating the sink using the spray nozzle for the past few days. The lever popped off. Don't worry, I didn't throw that away either, and I did just figure out how to get it back on...the sink is now functioning normally. Other than that life has been pretty ho-hum around here. We all have been able to take advantage of ArtPrize, to it's full extent, and have had a few visitors join us to see it, Dani and I have had random friends show up, while Lydia's family was down for the day last weekend. Oh, sadness too. Bill and Bella are gone. Our life is now one chihuahua down. Mia is pretty happy to be the reigning chihuahua upstairs, I just know it. She is the queen once again. Welcome the new girl, Erin. She walks loud, it might interrupt my beauty sleep We'll see. Ooh, and I got excused from Jury Duty! While I was pretty excited to serve my home Township of Shelby, this is just a lot less work. I've also had the joy of e-mailing with Terry Kowal, the lovely clerk of the Twp., I decided I should vote and get an absentee ballot. One day Shelby, I will serve on a jury for you, just not for my VISTA year. Back to the laundry!

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