Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Curtains are in.

Yes, that is right, the curtains are almost done--actually officially 50% done. Don't worry once I am able to master my picture taking ability and figure out how to post to the blog, you will see their loveliness. So far the roomies have been pretty impressed with my spectacular sewing skills. So much so that I am rethinking that whole MRS degree idea.

I of course had to fight with the bobbin. For those followers who haven't had to fight with a bobbin on a sewing machine, its where the thread for the back side of the fabric comes from to complete the stitch. I've heard that my Grandma had issues with the sewing machine, and I am convinced that it must have been this whole bobbin thing. The bobbin is what broke my needle in the first place, and it hands down I think the most complicated mechanism on the whole machine. I know Elizabeth feels my pain. We also had our own issues with bobbins, during the historic sewing of aprons. (Perhaps this historic sewing was really the start of the future Mr. and Mrs. Ireland!--but then it was probably Appalachia--flooded with memories right now!!!!)  That was before the days of Facebook, so I  don't have a picture of those easily available.

So eventually the bobbin, after probably 10 attempts, was successful. None of this had to do with actually winding the bobbin. See there were no empty one's so I used the tan thread bobbin Grandma had made, who knows how long ago, and even that didn't even lead to easy success (Hence why I am convinced the bobbin was her issue all along!)

Anyway that's that for the blog today.

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