Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's been awhile

Yes, sorry, it has been awhile here at cleaning rags to riches. But in our defense, we haven't had much clearning or riches to report. Well, maybe that is not all true. Whatevs. We have been having issues with the garbage disposal. The landlord thinks we are crazy and whatnot.

Christmas in Paris is alive and well with classy trees and garland galore, and an elegant wreath. We even have coordinated between everything by using red. The tree was an issue, stupid lights. We were smart and took a long string off of the fake staircase garland and replaced it with a half out stand of lights so the tree would look better. 

This morning at 7:15 the lights went out because of my height. Long story short I hit the chandelier in my room and the shaking made it go out. Er. Well then I went into my bathroom and the lights wouldn't turn on, and the outlet didn't work. In my bedroom, one outlet did work while the other did not. Er. That ended up being the case through out the rest of the apartment. The light over the kitchen sink worked while the one over the counter did not. Being smart I knew it was likely that it was the breaker in the basement. I braved the basement, which is totally creepy. Too many doors going into weird spaces and open crawl spaces. Not a fan. I was unsuccessful and got the hell out of there. Too much like a scene from criminal minds. I can picture the scenario in my head right now. First I am blonde, which means I most likely to get attacked and from one corner a man in a ski mask would probably hit me with an axe and take me away. Maybe to a Canadian Farm, run tests on my body and then feed me to pigs, but put my shoes in a box. Maybe having Ion as our only watchable station is a bad idea. But we do LOVE their corny Christmas Movies. Marathons every Sunday beginning at 1:00. At least when we watch those we can hold out hope that maybe a golden retriever will play matchmaker and bring us back to a lost love. Or, thieves will try to steal original pieces of artwork dressed as Christmas characters and tie us up, just so we can outsmart them. Don't worry the guy always gets the girl from the bad guy and Christmas cheer is spread all around the world. We will be back on the couches Sunday at 1 for round two. If we are lucky we might even get to eat dinner in front of the TV again!!! But then UFC round one is on Saturday night so we might be up late watching men beat each other up.

Moral of the story. Lydia and Dani saved the electricity and they didn't have to go about in the dark. I had to do my hair this morning in the kitchen! That was the only place with a working outlet. Over and out! No more going into the basement alone, that is for sure :)

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